TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 10

We have taken the important story beats from the tenth chapter of the March of the Machine story and highlighted them below. If you want to read the official story in its full form you can find it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at

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Back on Zhalfir, Teferi finds the perfect spot to plant the acorn found from the ashes of Wrenn’s body. Teferi lays back and reflects on all they have lost while many in the town square celebrate their hard won victory.

The Wounded

Teferi checks in on those that were injured and offers what help and comfort he can. In the back of the hall Karn, Koth, Chandra, and Kaya are watching over the motionless bodies of Nissa and Ajani. Chandra refused to leave Nissa’s side since they arrived in Zhalfir. They discuss the possibilities of any reasonable way to bring their lost friends back.

Plane Swap

Chandra and the others believe that Wrenn caused Zhalfir and New Phyrexia to switch places in the multiverse. New Phyrexia is now in a place out of time and unreachable. As a result of this and Elesh Norn’s downfall all the other Phyrexians have either crumbled to dust or fallen motionless as if in a coma.

Melira’s Gift of Hope

Melira’s wounds are grave and she won’t make it through the night. However, before she passes she wishes to impart hope to the multiverse. Melira informs Teferi and Karn that she has a plan that can potentially save Ajani and Nissa. Unfortunately, it will cost Melira what little time she had left and Karn his Spark.

First, she’s going to inoculate their bodies against further infection. That’s standard. But then Karn’s going to pull their sparks out. And use Venser’s spark to . . . filter them somehow. Some theory Venser had before everything happened. When he brings them back, Melira will clean the sparks, and then Karn will place them back inside.


The Ritual

Melira lies between Ajani and Nissa and they begin the ritual. Teferi places them in a bubble of suspended time. They have little time to waste to have the best odds of a favorable result. Karn pulls out Venser’s spark from inside of him. He uses it to pull out the sparks of Ajani and Nissa, then begins the process of filtering them. Teferi, still drained from the previous battle, is visibly exhausted and leaning on his staff as he holds his magic in place. Melira grabs Ajani and Nissa’s hands and begins to glow, their bodies cleansed of Phyrexian infection. Kaya assists Karn in placing the sparks back into Nissa and Ajani. As soon as this is finished Teferi drops to his knees covered in sweat and the time bubble fades.

Ajani Awakens

Ajani wakes up and is bewildered about where he is before collapsing back to sleep. Koth takes Melira into his arms and soon realizes that she is no longer with us. Karn feels a sense of loneliness now that Venser’s spark inside of him has faded. Nissa is still motionless and Chandra is worried that perhaps the ritual was unsuccessful for her.


Nissa finally begins to stir and calls out to Chandra.

“To see the tension on Chandra’s face melt to pure happiness, to see her clutch Nissa close and to see Nissa hold her in turn, to hear the happy sobs along with the despairing ones ….

This is life. This is what they all fought for. What Melira died for, why Karn’s given up his spark, why Teferi spent hundreds of years trying to restore his home.

For this.

“I’m right here,” Chandra says. She presses her lips to Nissa’s. “I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

Good, Teferi thinks.

He won’t be going anywhere for a while, either.”

Thus ends the 10th and final chapter of March of the Machine. We will find out the fall out from the invasion in upcoming set March of the Machine: Aftermath coming out in May.

Todd Silvia