TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 7

We have taken the important story beats from the seventh chapter of the March of the Machine story and highlighted them below. If you want to read the official story in its full form you can find it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at

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Karn’s Reflection

Karn, who is now just his head, as his body parts lay nearby, reflects on his past. How he created Mirrodin and due to his carelessness accidently tracked Phyrexian oil onto his plane. Leading it to become the New Phyrexia is is now. He reflects on how Venser gave up his life and his spark to safe Karn. He wishes he could have done more with what Venser gave up for him, but now its over. This is the end, Norn will give him a slow and painful death and everything will be for nothing. Jin-Gitaxias swings his had at Karn’s head, as Karn closes his eyes to accept his fate.

An Angel Arrives

Elspeth crashes down from the heavens and knocks Jin-Gitaxias’s hand away from Karn. Elesh Norn screeches:


Elesh Norn

Elspeth lets Jin-Gitaxias skulk away as she has more important goals in mind. She places a hand on Chandra and heals her wounds. Elesh Norn throws a large rock at Elspeth to get her attention and demands acknowledgement. The rock hits Elepeth’s wing and seems to not even phase her. The Phyrexians feel a sense of shock and start to pull back from Elspeth. Koth is healed by Elspeth and then slams his fist into the ground causing magma to shoot out.

Mirrodin! With me!


Throat Grab

Norn commands Nissa and Jin-Gitaxias to stop the prisoners from escaping. Jin-Gitaxias says that Norn shouldn’t bother to deal with Elspeth and should leave her to the Phyrexian legion, Norn picks up Jin-Gitaxias by his throat and tells him not to question her orders. Melira runs to Karn’s platform to save him. Elspeth, Melira, Koth and Venser saved Karn when he tried to stop Mirrodin from being corrupted before and here they are saving him again. Karn knew that he could not give up just yet.

Back to the Tree

Wrenn knows she also can’t give up. Even though she no longer has legs she must fight on. She bites on Chandra’s sleeve and pulls at it to get her attention. Chanrda picks up Wrenn and they take off back towards Realmbreaker.

Drop the dryad and there’s still hope for you, Chandra. You’re smart enough to know I’ll kill you otherwise.

Nissa to Chandra

The others are busy fighting off the Phyrexians, Norn, Jin-Gitaxias, and saving Karn. Wrenn knows that Chandra doesn’t have the heart to hurt Nissa. They need to get to the tree, but how are they going to be able to stop Nissa.

To The Sky

Elspeth flies into the air and starts leading all of the heroes towards the tree. Wrenn must make it to the tree if they are going to win. Norn cannot let this stand, grabs Elspeth’s leg in the air and slams her to the ground.

“On all of the planes, there is only one eternal, untarnished truth: all will be one. Any who stand in the way of unity stand in the way of a perfect future.”

Elesh Norn

Elesh Norn raises a wall to surround Elspeth to block her escape. Elspeth knows that she must reach the others and help Wrenn reach the tree. This fight with Norn is just a distraction.

Face Me

Norn will not let Elspeth leave. Elspeth realizes she will not be able to escape unless she first deals with Norn. Norn tries to convince Elspeth that they are more similar than different. Elspeth says that while they may not be perfect they each have their own wants, dreams, and desires. That makes them better than Phyrexians. Jin-Gitaxias thinks that they have spent too much time focusing on Elspeth and sends all his legions towards the tree where the heroes are. Elspeth dodges all the shards of metal Norn throws at her and before Norn can understand what happened Elspeth is off flying towards Wrenn and the others. Norn screams up at her

“Come back here! I wasn’t finished with you!”

Elesh Norn to Elspeth

Elspeth looks over and sees Melira slumped over. Is she dead? She knows that she has spent too long trying to deal with Elesh Norn, Wrenn must make it to the tree, and she has to make sure they do.

That ends chapter 7 of March of the Machine story. Chapter 8 continues here.

Todd Silvia