TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 5

We have taken the important story beats from the fifth chapter of the March of the Machine story and highlighted them below. If you want to read the official story in its full form you can find it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at

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Back on New Phyrexia

Chandra and Wrenn arrive on New Phyrexia, they are in awe at the sheer size of the corrupted world tree, Realmbreaker. They both see people off in the distance that aren’t Phyrexians, so they both take off towards them. Koth and Melira introduce themselves and ask if Chandra and Wrenn are here to help. Wrenn tells them that she has a plan.

The Plan

Wrenn’s plan involves reaching the corrupted world tree, attaching herself to it, and then guide it. Chandra also points out that she may have a friend, Teferi, who can help also. Koth says that Karn was captured, so they should try to take control of the tree and rescue Karn at the same time.

Urabrask Helps

Koth says that he also has a friend, or at least someone who isnt’ an enemy. He is referring to Urabrask and that he can lead them to a secret pathway to reach Realmbreaker. Urabrask explains he is helping because:

Norn stifles the fires of creation with her pontificating. Phyrexia cannot thrive if there is only one Phyrexia.


They finally reach the other side of the passageway. Koth is going to fling Chandra and Wrenn over the divide so they can reach the base of the tree. Then Koth, Melira and the Mirrans will go provide a distraction to draw Norn’s attention away from them. Urabrask warns Wrenn that as soon as she makes contact with the tree, Norn will know. So once she starts to merge with Realmbreaker she will have to move fast.

Into the Air

Koth launches Wrenn and Chandra through the air over the divide to Realmbreaker. They are swarmed by bat like Phyrexian creatures and fight them off until they land. Its a rough landing for Chandra, she probably cracked a rib on landing, its hard for her to breathe now.

At The Tree

Wrenn appears to be a bit afraid. Understandably so as most likely this is the last tree she will ever join with. Chandra wants to try to talk Wrenn out of it but she can’t, its not her choice, its Wrenn’s. It is also likely their best chance to take out Realmbreaker, and turn the tide in the Phyrexian invasion. The tree shifts and a dozen centurion soliders form in front of them. Chanrda tells Wrenn that she will back her up so she can get started joining with Realmbreaker, but they are going to have to work fast.

Fight At the Tree

Chandra gets pinned to a branch of Realmbreaker by two spears, and shouts out to Wrenn for help. As she looks up she sees that Wrenn is already facing off against … no it can’t be … it’s Nissa. Chandra wants to say so many things but some how is at a loss for words and all she can muster to say is “Nissa”. Two more spears now pin Chandra in place. This time one of them goes through her calf. Nissa tears Wrenn limb from limb until only her dryad body remains and lets her fall to the floor.

Nissa Confronted

Nissa orders the spears be taken out of Chandra and asks her why she is fighting back. Chandra wants to let loose all her pent up anger and fury, but she doesn’t have the heart to hurt Nissa and possibly harm Wrenn near by. Chandra remembers all of the Mirrans fighting below, giving their lives so that her and Wrenn had their opening, and remembering all of the other planes that are under attack that need saving from the invasion. Chandra backs up and one foot reaches the edge of the platform. She sees in a distance Wrenn, while in pain, crawling closer and closer towards Realmbreaker. Nissa notices Chandra looking over and Wrenn and laughs as she makes the metal branches of Realmbreaker spring from the tree and grab Wrenn tight.

Burning Tears

Chandra and Wrenn look into each other’s eyes. The metal branch around Wrenn’s body begins to glow. This blinds the centurions and Nissa is focused on Chandra. Because of this Norn won’t have a way to know what is about to happen. Chandra’s second foot now also reaches the the edge of the platform, knowing that she has nowhere else left to go. Maybe if she can somehow hold on just a little bit longer, she can somehow buy enough time for Wrenn. Nissa asks Chandra to join her. Chandra, with tears in her eyes replies “I can’t. I’m sorry”.


Knowing that she can’t run away and that she has no where else to go, Chandra ducks from Nissa’s bladed arm being swung at her and drives her fist into the ground causing it to explode. Nissa, Chandra, and all the Phyrexian centurion soldiers drop as the ground comes out from beneath them. Wrenn is close enough to the tree to grab a hold and stay up there. Wrenn is going to have to handle it on her own from here on out.

That ends chapter 5 of March of the Machine story. Continue the story with chapter 6 here.

Todd Silvia