TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 1

As the sun sets on Phyrexia: All Will Be One, we are getting the story for upcoming set March of the Machine from Wizards of the Coast in multiple chapters. We have taken the important story beats from the first chapter and summarized them below. If you want to read the official story chapter in its entirety you can read it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at Lets find out what happened following the events of Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

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Three Worms

The strike team’s efforts to stop the multiversal Phyrexian invasion failed, and many familiar faces were lost. Elesh Norn now looks down on the only three remaining un-compleated members of the strike team, Kaya, Kaito, and Tyvar. She refers to these three as worms, seeing the fear in their eyes, and feeling a sense of victory.


You shall be the prophets of our coming. In time you shall tell your unbelieving brethren what you have seen: a united future.

Elesh Norn

She orders compleated Nahiri to bind the 3 strike team members in stone. Knowing it will not stop them permanently, but long enough for her plans.

Swift Axe

Ajani – execute her.

Elesh Norn

Elesh Norn can no longer permit Sheoldred to go unpunished. She knows that Sheoldred craved power over unity. She orders Ajani to execute Sheoldred, and with a swift swing of Ajani’s axe it is done. Sheoldred’s head bounces across the floor. Soon after, servants take Sheoldred’s body away for processing as they can be repurposed for the glory of Phyrexia.

New Favorite

Nissa was a big help to Elesh Norn as she accelerated the growth of Realmbreaker, and might be her favorite new servant. Even now, as she stands next to Elesh Norn, she can steer the attention of Realmbreaker. By doing so she can open a portal like view to the planes that Realmbreaker has reached.

Powerful Relic

Elesh Norn grants her team of compleated Planeswalkers the honor of going to their home planes and beginning the work of starting the Phyrexian unification there. Nissa uses her powers to shape the Realmbraker portal next to her to show Elesh Norn the plane of Zendikar. Nahiri tells Elesh Norn that she will go back to Zendikar to do what must be done, and then planeswalks away to Zendikar.

Yes, Grand Praetor. This is a relic of my people—an ancient weapon we once used to dominate the plane. I can wake it once more to enact our will.



The strike team of Planeswalkers use the resounding boom of Nahiri planeswalking to Zendikar to also planeswalk away to warn the others of the coming Phyrexian invasion.

Anger Management

Lukka is up next. Elesh Norn is not as happy with Lukka because he is quick to anger and therefore prone to making mistakes. She sends sends him off all the same. She half expects for him to die attempting to conquer the beasts of Ikoria. Either way is fine with her. As Lukka departs he turns to Elesh Norn and says:

And ever may it reign”


Family Ties

Elesh Norn now calls upon Tamiyo. Soon Tamiyo is lost in thought about her family as she stares through the portal to Kamigawa that Nissa has made.

I-I’m sorry, I’ve no idea what came over me—


She is then startled back to reality when Atraxa blocks the portal from view with her wing to regain Tamiyo’s attention.

See that whatever it is, you eradicate it.

Elesh Norn

Tamiyo then tells Elesh Norn that she will do what must be done and planeswalks to Kamigawa.

Ajani’s Destiny

Instead of sending Ajani to his home plane, she believes Ajani’s destiny lies elsewhere. The portal now opens to Theros, where we see branches of Realmbreaker touch down on the plane. Phyrexian invasion ships burst out and start slaughtering the denizens of Theros. Ajani then smiles at Elesh Norn and planeswalks to Theros to help turn the gods of Theros to join Phyrexia. Elesh Norn is happy that Ajani did not discover the real reason why she sent him to Theros.

Theros is important to the future of New Phyrexia.

Elesh Norn

Angels in the Streets

Elesh Norn now turns to Atraxa and tells us that long ago the Phyrexians sent a ship to Capenna via ancient means. The angels of Capenna gave up their physical forms to seal away the ship and the Phyrexians on Capenna. Elesh Norn tasks Atraxa with going to Capenna with two goals. First, destroy the tower to wake the angels and remove their protection on the plane. Secondly, teach the citizens of Capenna the price for their insolence. They had their chance to join the Phyrexians once before and declined.

Threat From Eternity’s End

Atraxa bows her head and asks Elesh Norn why she is being chosen to go to Capenna instead of letting the Phyrexian centurions take care of it. She gives three reasons.

  • First: it is a glorious task, and completing it announces your worth to all.
  • Second: your previous life may lend you some protection to this ‘Halo.’
  • Third: there exists a danger to New Phyrexia. In killing New Capenna, we strike at her heart.

To which Atraxa responds “This danger—is that why you sent Ajani to Theros, as well?”. Elesh Norn confirms as such, stating that this danger cannot be permitted to Triumph. With these two clues we are left to safely speculate that the danger Elesh Norn is referring to is Elspeth who has ties to both Theros and Capenna. This is where the first chapter ends. Chapter 2 continues here.

Todd Silvia