TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 8

We have taken the important story beats from the eighth chapter of the March of the Machine story and highlighted them below. If you want to read the official story in its full form you can find it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at

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Wrenn Worries

Wrenn is being carried by Chandra to Realmbreaker so that she can merge with it. She is afraid that when the time comes she will not be able to do it. Chandra is clearly in a lot of pain from her injuries even after being healed by Elspeth. Koth blocks a hail of needles by levitating a piece of metal.

Can’t keep this up forever!


It won’t be forever. Once Wrenn’s at the tree, everything will be fine.


Nissa Catches Up

Wrenn hears a scream and looks up to see that Melira has been impaled by a tendril through her stomach. Nissa has caught up with the heroes and is bent on stopping them. Chandra tries to launch a fireball back at Nissa but it flickers and fades midway through the air. Koth, Melira, and the remaining dozen or so Mirrans cover Chandra and Wrenn’s escape to the tree. Koth raises a barricade of metal to stop Nissa and the Phyrexian soldiers.

Chandra Gets Caught

Nissa is unstoppable and bypasses the barricade. She grabs Chandra and yanks her into the air with her vines. This sends Wrenn into the air, luckily one of the Mirrans catches her.

Get her to the tree. Keep her moving!


That Mirran gets pinned down by a spear from Nissa, and yet another Mirran now catches Wrenn as she hurls through the air. Eventually Wrenn ends up in Melira’s arms and they are almost at the tree. Melira is wounded badly and barely holding herself together. Nissa starts to strangle Chandra, lifting her higher and higher into the air.

Wrenn Reaches the Tree

Melira places Wrenn onto a branch of Realmbreaker. Melira then places her hands on Wrenn and they begin to glow. Soon Wrenn feels strength seep back into her body. Melira, now a bit dizzy from what she just did, drops to her knees. Wrenn wishes that she could go and save Chandra, or Melira. However, Wrenn knows that there is only one thing that she can do now. Wrenn closes her eyes and begins to meld with Realmbreaker.


As Wrenn begins the meld, she feels Realmbreaker pushing back. She knows that she must complete the meld no matter what. Realmbreaker resisting puts Wrenn in an intense amount of pain but she presses on. Elspeth finally catches up and cuts Nisssa’s vines. She then catches Chandra, and puts her down. Chandra rushes to Wrenn’s side to help her. Wrenn closes her eyes and focuses every ounce of strength she has left to complete the meld.

Hello Eight

Hello, Eight, she says. Let’s introduce you to Teferi.


Wrenn can now see all the planes that the tree is connected to. She sees all the death and destruction. Wrenn finally reaches the soul of the tree deep within Realmbreaker’s dark soul. Wrenn calls this soul Eight. She tells him that they have to go to a hidden place. Wrenn guides Eight. Searching for a place out of sight, where time cannot touch.


Wrenn can finally see what she has been searching for. Eight creates a branch and opens a portal big enough for someone to walk through. Wrenn cannot walk, as she is grafted to the tree on New Phyrexia. So she calls out to her friend.

“Teferi!” – Wrenn

“Wrenn, you found me.” – Teferi

Bring An Army

Wrenn knows the portal she made with Eight is barely big enough for one person to come through. If they are going to win, Teferi will have to be able to bring his entire army with him. Making a portal that big is nearly impossible. Wrenn doesn’t know what will happen to her if she pulls it off, but knows that she must try.

Please, bring as many as you can. I’ll find some other way to live. It was so nice to meet you, Teferi. I hope whatever remains of me will remember you.


Wrenn and Eight open up a portal the size of a mountain so that the entire army of Zhalfir may cross over to New Phyrexia. Teferi now stands at the front of his army ready to take on the battle ahead. He sees the remaining heroes on their last ounce of strength holding back Nissa, Elesh Norn, and the Phyrexian army.

It has been many years since they were called to war—but Zhalfir stands ready.

That ends chapter 8 of the March of the Machine story. Chapter 9 continues here.

Todd Silvia