TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 6

We have taken the important story beats from the sixth chapter of the March of the Machine story and highlighted them below. If you want to read the official story in its full form you can find it here. If you are looking to preorder March of the Machine you can do that at

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A Dream

A young girl remembers seeing her mother dead on the floor next to her. She is about to meet the same fate from a fearsome beast. At the last moment she is saved by someone from that fate.

“Elspeth, it’s time to wake up.”

Mysterious Woman

A mysterious voice tells Elspeth that she made the impossible choice when she took the sylex away from New Phyrexia before it exploded. The mysterious voice continues on, telling Elspeth she has a choice to make. Her choice cannot be based on mortal wants and desires. All the planes of the multiverse are under attack from the Phyrexians and she must choose which one to go to and intervene.

Streets of Blood

Elspeth falls through the pitch black floor before finding herself looking down on New Capenna. The streets ankle deep in blood. Atraxa and the Phyrexians committing untold crimes against its citizens. She also sees Riveteers and other citizens fighting back. The situation seems dire but Elspeth tells the mysterious voice that New Capenna has its defenders and that this isn’t the plane she will choose to intervene in.

Corrupted Gods

Elspeth falls through the floor once again, this time catching glimpses of Strixhaven, and Kaladesh. She then quickly stops when she sees Theros. The view of Theros shifts to a priestess holding a bowl of oil in front of one of the god’s temples. She also catches a glimpse of Ajani, who is on Theros. The voice tells Elsepth that they have already corrupted 3 Theros gods. It pains Elspeth greatly, as she longs to see Daxos again, but she knows that even if she won on Theros, that it wouldn’t do much to stop the Phyrexian invasion as a whole.

Familiar Branches

Once again the floor falls out from under Elspeth, and she now finds herself looking down on New Phyrexia. She sees the base of Realmbreaker and sitting next to it, Elesh Norn. She looks further and sees Urabrask tied down and being stripped for parts. His body parts will be repurposed to further the glory of Phyrexia.


Elesh Norn whistles and Phyrexian soldiers bring in the disassembled body of Karn. Then three more prisoners are brought in. Koth, Wrenn without her tree, and a bloody Chandra. A voice speaks out:

“Behold the traitors. Mother of Machines, we await your righteous judgement upon them.”


Norn, Jin-Gitaxias and all the others seem to be frozen. Is this Teferi’s doing? No it isn’t. The Mysterious Woman’s voice comes back again:

“The time has come. I must hear your decision”

Mysterious Woman

Her Decision

Elspeth goes over all the options in her head. She knows that saving New Capenna or Theros isn’t enough to turn the tide of the invasion. Even striking directly at Elesh Norn isn’t enough. She looks at all the prisoners in front of Norn and finally comes to the conclusion that what she must do is keep Nissa occupied long enough for Wrenn to reach Realmbreaker again.


You’re certain? the woman asks.

Elspeth nods. “This is the right thing to do.

The mysterious woman tells Elspeth that she cannot join her in the fight but she can form her into what she was always meant to be. Elspeth’s body begins to form anew from the ether that surrounds her. Elspeth tells the woman that she is afraid. The mysterious woman hugs her.

“Fear is always the last thing to leave,” the woman says. “You’ve slain it time and time again. Do not falter now, Elspeth.”

Mysterious Woman – Serra

What an odd sensation it is to be reborn—to feel yourself being stripped away and changed. The wings on her back are heavy as plate mail, yet she cannot remember a time she was ever without them. This body of hers is different—and yet it is as it has always been. She is Elspeth, and she is not.

There is no more room for indecision. The Multiverse hangs in the balance.

That ends chapter 6 of March of the Machine story. Chapter 7 continues here.

Todd Silvia