TLDR; March of the Machine Story Pt. 3

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Oiled Footsteps

It all started with the Brothers’ War between Urza and Mishra. During that battle the Phyrexians corrupted Mishra and others. Causing Urza to cleanse the entire plane by using the Sylex. Urza also made Karn, who wanted to make a plane of his own and created Mirrodin. Karn unknowingly tracked some Phyrexian oil onto Mirrodin which caused it to be corrupted over time until it became the New Phyrexia you see today. Tamiyo is remembering and reciting this story while she stands in Kamigawa. While doing so the Phyrexians are wreaking havoc upon the plane.

Small Doubts

While Tamiyo is under the influence of the Phyrexian oil and her compleation, the story implies there is a grain of hesitation and confusion deep down. She thinks about her family, but tells herself that they are going to become a part of a bigger family, the Phyrexian family. She wonders about the fate of Ravnica, and thinks that Teyo and Ral will have plans to keep it safe. She pushes all of these doubts and concerns from her head as she tells herself that unity under Phyrexia is the best solution for everyone. She then moves to Boseiju and starts corrupting it to spew Phyrexian oil.


Kaya saves a boy and his dog who were trapped in a crumbling building before finding them selves forced to jump off the roof. Moments before they were going to hit the ground they feel themselves being caught. They turned to look and see it was Kaito using his telekinesis to hold them from hitting the ground. Kaito and Kaya look up at Tamiyo floating over Boseiju while reading one of her scrolls. Kaito says that he is going to take Tamiyo down, its personal.

Tamiyo’s Son

Kaito is at the bottom of Boseiju ready to attack her when he hears a voice. It is Nashi, Tamiyo’s son. The wording in the original story is too strong to not share directly.

“But you’re not going to hurt her, are you?” Nashi asks, fussing his hands. “She looks different, but that’s still her. I think she’s forgotten herself—I thought, maybe if I talked to her . . .”

Kaito runs a hand through his hair. “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“You have to let me try,” Nashi says. He draws himself up to his full height—which isn’t very tall. “I came all the way out here to help when I heard things were getting bad. Mom said that’s what heroes do. If you can bring me up somewhere she can see me, then I’m sure she’ll listen. No matter who she is, she’ll always love me. She promised.”

Conversation between Kaito and Nashi

Kaito gives in and attaches a repulsor to Nashi’s belt to help him climb Boseiju to reach Tamiyo, and they both start climbing. They have to be careful to avoid all of the Phyrexian oil now dripping off the tree and on the bark.

Atop Boseiju

Nashi calls out to his mom. Tamiyo’s head turns all the way around and looks down at Nashi. Tamiyo asks what Nashi is doing here. At that moment Kaito steps into view and Tamiyo quickly changes at him. Knowing that this plan won’t work, Kaito pushes Nashi away as Tamiyo engages Kaito in combat. After exchanging a few blows Tamiyo uses one of her scrolls to grab Kaito’s leg and dangle him in the air. Kaito cuts the scroll and hopes to find a way land safely.

Royal Save

As Kaito is falling through the air he suddenly feels something soft beneath him. Kaya and The Wandering Emperor show up and catch him with the guardian spirit of Kyodai. All three ride Kyodai back up to Tamiyo. This time The Wanderer engages Tamiyo, and puts her on the back foot. Tamiyo finds her self next to Nashi, and places one hand on his head. Kaito calls out to Nashi to turn around. Tamiyo reaches for a scroll on her waist, one bound with an iron band. Kyodai breathes on The Wandering Emperor’s sword, imbuing her and her sword with it’s power. Nashi finally realizes what is Tamiyo is about to do to him and turns away.

In a Flash

With a flash of white light Tamiyo falls. Kaito rushes to Nashi to hug him, and The Wanderer is already there to meet them both.

“That wasn’t her,” Nashi repeats. “That wasn’t—why was she like—why didn’t she . . . ?”

The emperor bows her head with grief. “Your mother will live on in your memory, and the stories you tell of her.”

Nashi and The Emperor

Iron Bound Scroll

As they are all saddened by having to eliminate one of their own, Nashi hears his mother’s voice. Tamiyo’s voice calls out to him. “Nashi, I’m sorry.” In front of them is a strange being made up of floating characters forming a silhouette of a woman.

“I am what remains of Tamiyo—her story unending. You may think of me as her memory. Many years ago, she created me in anticipation of her death and sealed me away within a scroll until I was needed, bound with an iron ring.” Tamiyo’s memory—her story—pauses. “I had hoped I might never be.”

Tamiyo’s Scroll

Kaito thinks that this is another Phyrexian trap. The Wanderer ensures him that it isn’t. Telling them that the last few blows from Tamiyo were clearly not intended to be lethal and that this was what she was preparing in her final moment.

More Work Ahead

Everyone now looks below at Kamigawa from atop Boseiju. The city is burning, many are dead, and many more will die. There is much more work to be done to save Kamigawa from the Phyrexian invasion.

Once upon a time there was a great evil, one that threatened to swallow the planes of the Multiverse whole. Unfeeling and uncaring, it infected the hearts of those it encountered.

There was someone who fought against it.

There was a protector in white.

Tamiyo’s Final Scroll

That ends chapter 3 of March of the Machine story. Chapter 4 continues here.

Todd Silvia