Outlaws of Thunder Junction: A First Look

Wizards of the Coast finally gave us our first look at Outlaws of Thunder Junction. The next standard set coming in 2024. This is Magic’s first western themed set. A set where you can choose to be the bad guy, plot daring heists, and maybe even ride off into the sunset. First up are the important dates for Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

Important Dates

  • Card Previews: March 26th – April 5th
  • Prerelease: April 12th – 18th
  • MTG Arena Release: April 16th
  • Release Date: April 19th 2024
  • Open House: April 19th – 21st
  • Standard Showdown: April 19th – July 25th
  • Store Championship: May 4th – 12th

Thunder Junction

Due to the Phyrexian invasion during March of the Machine, the Omenpaths are open and now there are many that are traveling the multiverse seeking their own fortune. Those coming to Thunder Junction are seeking the treasures from the vault of riches that is rumored to be there. One of those seeking the treasure is a fan favorite Oko, who is looking for the Multiverse’s most wanted outlaws to help him pull of the epic heist. Perhaps Oko is here as an outlaw because he was banned in pretty much every other format. These outlaws also include the likes of Tinybones, the Pickpocket thief.

When you have outlaws you are bound to have wanted posters. Outlaws of Thunder Junction includes Wanted Poster treatments in Play Boosters and Collector Boosters.

There are plenty of others on Thunder Junction that are going to make getting to the vault of riches dangerous and difficult.

Vraska has shown up on Thunder Junction as well.

Oko’s son Kellan, who we met on Eldraine during Wilds of Eldraine, has tracked his father to Thunder Junction. However, he might just get swept up in his father’s schemes.

Each Magic: the Gathering set in recent years comes with a set of special full art basic lands and Outlaws of Thunder Junction is no exception. Check them out in all their beauty.

It wouldn’t be a western without some tumbleweed.

On a plane full of outlaws and crime there is plenty of breaking news. Outlaws of Thunder Junction will have a bonus sheet of cards that can be found in Play Boosters and Collector boosters called Breaking News cards.

Additionally you can find textured foil versions of breaking news cards exclusively in collector boosters.

With all of these awesome looking frames there will still be borderless and extended-art cards.

The vault on Thunder Junction contains riches beyond measure. All of the outlaws are clamoring to be the first inside to reap its rewards. A special subset inside Outlaws of Thunder Junction – called The Big Score – shows off these riches. The cards from The Big Score sub set will be Standard legal. They will appear in both normal frames and vault frame. In Play Boosters, Special Guests and cards from The Big Score can appear in a dedicated slot without their vault treatment.

Another exclusive to collector boosters is a special raised foil vault frame cards.

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Todd Silvia