Modern Horizons III – Commander Decks?

Modern Horizons 2 came out in 2021 and had a huge and lasting impact on the Modern and Legacy formats. Modern Horizons 2 shifted the format so much that some even joke that the Modern format had a rotation even though it is an eternal format. With Modern Horizons 3 set to come out later this year many are excited, and some nervous, as to how much of an impact it will have on Modern this time around.

Important Dates

  • Prerelease: June 7th – June 13th
  • Release: June 14th
  • Launch Party: June 14th – 16th

Fetch Lands

It was widely speculated that the five fetch lands not printed in Modern Horizons 2 would be in Modern Horizons 3. It has now be confirmed that the five ally fetch lands will all be in Modern Horizons 3. Unlike Modern Horizons 2 however, these fetch lands will have all brand new art.

They will also feature retro border, extended art, and borderless versions.

Basic Lands

The cycle of full-art basic lands have an Eldrazi sub-theme and of course still look stunning.

Speaking of Eldrazi

The Eldrazi titans are back with brand new cards, and they look awesome.

The borderless concept frame that were first seen on the praetors in 2023 are back for three legendary Eldrazi. They even come in serialized versions out of 250 copies. These serialized cards only come in English Collector Modern Horizons 3 boosters.

New Cards

Modern Horizons is an opportunity for cards to be added to the Modern format without having to go through Standard and Pioneer. This can lead to uniquely powerful cards as the designers are not constrained to making sure these cards don’t warp standard. Here are some never before seen cards, including the return of the energy mechanic.

Iconic Planeswalkers

Along side the Eldrazi are the return of some fan favorite planeswalkers.

The planeswalkers are taking on a Magic Origins style where they come out as a creature and then flip into an planeswalker. We can see this on the Ajani, Nacatl Pariah spoiler card.

Textured Foils

Textured foils are also making a come back on a variety of cards including double-faced planeswalkers.


Modern Horizons 3 also gives Wizards of the Coast the opportunity to reprint existing cards that were too old to be modern legal. Players can experience these reprints in all new ways.

Frame Break Treatment

Some cards just can’t be fully contained within their frames, this frame break treatment is coming on select cards in Modern Horizons 3 and gives a distinctive look.

Profile Borderless

First seen in Commander Masters the profile borderless treatment is making a return Modern Horizons 3.

Retro Frame

For those that are a fan of the retro-frame treatment, you will see those featured in Modern Horizons 3 as well.

Expansion Symbol

Here are the two new expansion symbols for Modern Horizons 3

Commander Decks

Modern Horizons 3 focuses on shaking up the Modern metagame, but that doesn’t mean that commander players are getting left out. Modern Horizons 3 is the first Modern Horizons set to also include a set of commander decks in its product lineup.

Collector’s Edition commander decks, which first appeared with the Warhammer 40,000 commander decks, are also making a come back. These decks will feature all 100 cards in foil, and every deck contains two Borderless Profile cards.

Other Products

Modern Horizons 3 will also be complete with Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Gift Bundles, Prerelease Kits, and Bundles.


Modern Horizons 2 was a very fast selling set. You won’t want to miss out on this highly anticipated set, be sure to place your preorder at

Todd Silvia