MHA Provisionals May 6th 2023 – Recap

For our second provisional of the year we had 20 players registered. That means that the top two players both won an invite to nationals. We will still have one more provisional for this round on June 10th. You can get the details from the UGN event here:

UGN Event

Join our discord server to keep up with changes in the meta, talk about the game and more. You can join here: At Boar’s Hat Gaming we host a weekly My Hero Academia event every Wednesday at 6pm at our store located at 140 Tyler Creek Plaza, Elgin IL 60123. Come and join us, new and veteran players are both welcome. We are run a league for our Wednesday events, and at the end of the season the player with the most points earns one of our custom Boar’s Hat Gaming Playmats. Check out what it looks like below.

Thank you to everyone who came out.

Tournament Stats

There were 10 of the 12 symbols represented at the provisional, with All, and Void missing.

Similar with the variety of symbols represented, there was a total of 18 different character + symbol combinations present. Only Bakugo (1) + Fire and Minoru Mineta (II) + Water being the only two combinations with 2 decks in the tournament.

# of DecksCharacterSymbol
2Katsuki Bakugo (I)Fire
2Minoru Mineta (II)Water
1Izuku Midoriya (II)Good
1Tsuyi Asui (I)Air
1Momo Yaoyorozu (I)Life
1Rikido Sato (I)Earth
1Pixie Bob (I)Fire
1Eijiro Kirishima (II)Earth
1Tomura Shigaraki (I)Death
1Mei Hatsume (I)Evil
1All For One (I)Chaos
1Nomu (I)Evil
1Kyoka Jiro (I)Air
1All Might (III)Good
1Rikido Sato (I)Order
1Nomu (I)Earth
1Midnight (I)Chaos
1Endeavor (I)Fire

Most Played Attacks

Attack Name% of Decks# Played
1Back Alley Haymaker30%3.8
2Ignited Arrow25%3.8
3Texas Smash20%3.8
4Electric Jolt20%3.3
5Stun Grenade15%4.0
6Hardened Jab15%4.0
7High Engine Kick15%3.7
8Ice Storm15%3.3
9Home Run Comet15%3.3
10Blue Flame Palm Strike10%4.0

Most Played Foundations

Attack Name% of Decks# Played
1One With Nature35%3.3
2Quick to Act35%3.1
3Basic Training30%3.7
4It Can’t Be Fixed25%3.8
5Latent Skill30%3.2
6Requesting Assistance25%3.6
7League Invitation25%3.4
9Press Conference25%3.0
10Surviving the Final20%3.5

Top 8

The top 8 had a 8 different symbols being played. Its interesting to see that there isn’t a clearly dominant symbol to play, and an indicator of a healthy meta.

Winners – Invites to Nationals

Congratulations to River Cook and Jorge Zhang for their 1st and 2nd place finish. They have both won an invite to nationals. Get a look at their entire deck lists below.

1st – River Cook – Rikido Sato (I) – Order

2nd – Jorge Zhang – Minoru Mineta (II) – Water

Before the next provisional the Class Reunion set will be released so we will see if that shakes up the meta. We hope you will stop by and checkout our community and join us.

Todd Silvia