MHA Provisionals April 8th 2023 – Recap

We had a total of 28 players register for our first provisional of 2023. Because of the large turnout, the top two players of the event now have an invite to nationals. With 5 more players we would have had invites for the top 4 players. If you missed our first provisional or didn’t win this event, you still have a chance to earn an invite to nationals. We will be hosting two more provisionals on the following dates below:

We wanna thank everyone who came out, we had a blast. If you want to chat with other players in our community about new cards, decks they are building, and more then join our discord:

Shout Out – Store Championship

Back in January we hosted a store championship. As the winner of that event, Jorge Z won a custom Boar’s Hat Gaming playmat. Don’t mind the man behind the All Might.

Besides the special events where we give out our playmats from time to time, we also host leagues. To earn points in our league, come and play in our weekly event every Wednesday at 6pm. At the end of the league, first place wins a playmat, and top 4 split a booster box of the newest set. We have a judge and plenty of friendly players who are more than happy to help new and veteran players alike. If you want a sneak peek of this league’s playmat check it out below

Checkout our events in the UGN event locator:

Symbol Breakdown

The April 8th Provisional had a lot of symbols represented. Good was the most common played symbol by a considerate margin, but 10 of the 12 overall symbols were still registered. The only two symbols that were not present at the event were Life and Evil.

SymbolDeck Count

1st Place – Blake B

Blake managed to secure the first place spot with an Earth – Mashirao Ojiro (II) deck. First place secured him an invite to nationals, booster packs and bragging rights. Checkout the deck list below.

2nd Place – Ben M.

Ben was also piloting an Earth – Mashirao Ojiro (II) deck. There were a decent amount of similarities between the first and second place deck. The two sideboards did differ in 8 of the 10 cards though, and Ben’s deck had a total of 54 cards compared to 50 in Blake’s deck.

We will have to wait and see if during the provisional on May 6th if Good will still represent the majority of decks. While there were only two earth decks registered, those were the two decks that got first and second place. We hope you will stop by and check out our community and join us.

Todd Silvia