Journey to Middle-earth


We will be hosting a total of four prerelease events the weekend of June 16th & 17th. Here are the quick details:

  • Entry: $40
  • Format: Sealed
  • Start Times:
    • June 16th @ 7:15pm & 11:59pm
    • June 17th @ 1pm & 6pm
  • Prizes: Booster packs of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.

Each event will be no more than 4 rounds in length. We will also have plenty of judges and staff on hand to help players with any and all questions they may have. These events are great for veteran and new players alike and is your first chance to get your hands on these new cards. In addition we will be handing out a special Boar’s Hat Gaming prerelease token at each of our prerelease events, while supplies last. Take a look at the special token here:

If you want to reserve your spot in any of our prerelease event you can pre-purchase entry here.

You can also check out the events on Facebook here.

New Products In Stock

We will have the full suite of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth sealed products available on Friday June 16th. This is a full week before you will see these products available in big-box retail stores. These include:

  • Set Booster Boxes
  • Collector Booster Boxes
  • Booster Packs
  • Bundles
  • Commander Decks
  • Individual cards.

If you want to preorder any of these products you can see them here.

Todd Silvia