Historic – Win Strixhaven

  • Format: Historic
  • Date: April 24th – 6:30p players meeting, 7p round 1 start
  • Entry: $10
  • Requirements
    • Discord (Audio only)
    • A computer to play MTG: Arena on
  • Prize:
    • 1st Place: 1x Strixhaven Set Booster Box
    • 2 Additional packs in the prize pool for each entry beyond 10. To be distributed to X-1 or better records.


The person who wins 1st place in the tournament will win 1x Strixhaven Set Booster Box. If you are unable to, or do not want to come in to pick up your box we will provide arrangement to ship the box to you within the continental U.S.

Starting with person number 11 onward we will add 2 Strixhaven set booster packs to the prize pool to be used as prizes for any player who ends up with a record of X-1 or better.


In order to play in the event you are required to purchase an entry on our website here: Purchase Entry If you are unable to purchase the entry on our website you can also purchase an entry in store prior to the event starting.

Wizards Event Link – Event Code


After purchasing your entry please, join our Discord. (Link below in Discord section) and then in the #strixhaven-historic-entries channel enter a message mentioning @Admin with your order number from your entry purchase and your Wizards Account Email and finally your MTG Arena Name. To help us know who paid for entry, and help determine who is paired with who during the rounds of the event.


The format for this event will be Historic. The legality of cards will be enforced by MTG Arena with cards that are legal in that format on the date of the event. Each round will be a best of 3.

You are not allowed to change your deck or modify the cards in your deck in any way once the event has started.


All players will be required to join our discord for the event. This is so that we can have a player’s meeting just prior to the first round so that all players know what to expect and how pairings will be given out. You are not required to have a working microphone or to talk. Only the ability to join the provided voice channel and listen to instructions.

You can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/feqKU5AMf8

Your Computer

You are responsible for having access to a computer with MTG Arena on it to participate in the tournament.

Todd Silvia